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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 21, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> but relaxing is tough when it gets this hot. finding a place to cool off may be harder for some. how the city is helping thousands in baltimore today. >> also today, remembering a maryland state trooper shot and killed. the lives he touched. and wildfires rage out west. the actions residents are taking this morning. while the temperatures boil today the city will keep you cool. severe weather alert this morning. temperatures dipped in the 90s yesterday and with today being the first day of summer the heat is certainly going to be a factor. meteorologist justin berk is following up in a minute on this weather conditions but first we send it to linda so. >> reporter: we're at the community action center on bank street, one of 11 designated cooling centers in the city. the city will open up these places when it's unbearably hot
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so people can cool down and get bottled water. emergency shelters were open over the weekend because of the extreme heat. city officials say when it goes above 90 degrees and there's high humidity a code red heat day will be activated. in 2005 before baltimore launched its code red alert heat program 35 people died of heat-relate the causes. that number has gone down significantly. officials say when it gets this hot everyone needs to look out for neighbors, especially the elderly. >> those citizens are a little more vulnerable to the heat. we're looking for our senior citizens to come in. >> reporter: the city has a free transportation program for seniors to get to these cooling centers. etc. called the care taxi cart program. to enroll call the number 410-664-0700. standing by is meteorologist justin berk. there's a nice breeze out here now but that is going to change soon? >> yeah.
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this is the best time of day to be outside. it's the coolest time of day. now that the sun is up we heat up in a hurry. the thing is as we start going deeper into the heat wave all the heat from the afternoons gets absorbed and soaked up and held in by the brick and asphalt and concrete of the city structure, meaning it's harder to lose the heat overnight. we have a long stretch ahead of us. it was back in july of 2008 where we had a seven-day stretch. this is day three in a row of 90s in baltimore. we expect it to go all week long, perhaps through next weekend and maybe into the week beyond that. 95 was yesterday's high in baltimore. 93 in easton. what a great day in ocean city at 92 degrees. they say great for them because they've got the atlantic next door to keep them cool. they are down to 66 but we've dropped to 72 this morning. 66 on the north side in york. also escaping the most brutal of the heat once you get outside of the city, but we head through today and we all share in the misery.
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6:02. let's check the roads with kim. >> to begin your monday morning commute, heading to the beltway, no problems, no delays at this time. as you head around 695, the east and west side coming in really without problems. we have a couple of incidents in baltimore city. no problems at old court road on the northwest corner, 795 looking good as well heading to the beltway. on the southwest side at frederick road traffic moving nicely in both directions. drive times, you'll find no delays on the outer loop from 795 down towards 70, only five minutes at this time. 95 southbound running very well, three minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to 695 harbor tunnel thruway, no incidents, six minutes from the split to 295. in baltimore city, northbound jfx remains closed between fayette and north avenue. more details in a bit. back to you. 6:03. many jobs are at stake over the proposed beverage tax.
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it failed last week and city council leaders will try to push it through again. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: good morning. all eyes will be on tonight's baltimore city council meeting to see whether or not there will be another vote on the beverage tax. though the tax didn't pass last week during an emergency meeting it may come up again at tonight's city council meeting. basically, if a member who voted no called for a motion to reconsider at tonight's council meeting the bill would get another chance for an up or down vote. the beverage tax needed eight votes out of the 15-member city council but the vote turned out to be 7-7 with council president jack young abstaining because he has a relative in the beverage industry. council members who voted for the beverage tax said it would keep the streets clean and save jobs. those who voted against it says that's what their constituents told them to do. >> anyone can be mayor of a surpluses, takes courage to be mayor when you have to have budget decisions.
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our mayor showed courage. >> 68% to 32% of citizens of the eighth district have said no, they do not want this container tax. >> the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has said funding for some basic services like street sweeping, graffiti removal and waterway maintenance will be reduced because of the council's actions. we'll wait and see what happens later tonight. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. hundreds remembered 24-year-old wesley brown over the weekend, the state trooper shot to death while working as a security guard at a prince george's county restaurant. family, friends and thousands of law enforcement officers from all over our state came out to pay their respects. >> we'll never know all the good trooper first class brown would have accomplished but we do know he accomplished more in a short time with us than some
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in an entire lifetime. >> brown was killed earlier this month after removing a man from the applebies over a disbeaut over an unpaid bill. police charged two men with first degree murder in his death. a bp spokesman shows a worst-case scenario in -- it could far exceed the original estimates that ranged from 5,000 to 60,000. the oil is moving closer to shore now, marshes that had been spared are now soaked with oil. this morning tarballs are hitting many of the beaches in florida. a group of louisiana birds are now at their new homes along the texas coast. volunteers put them in kennels and flew them to -- from new orleans all the way to port arkansas, texas. they are going to be released. more than 40 pelicans and sea gulls will found covered with
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oil from the spill in the gulf of mexico. they are now being cleaned off and put into dog kennels and then sent to texas. tonight ryan seacrest will host a live two-hour gulf coast relief telethon. it starts at 8:00 p.m. it's "disaster in the gulf, how you can help." it will feature three charities, you can call and tell them which one you would like to support. they will all go towards aid and rebuilding the gulf coast. missing hikers have been found near flagstaff, arizona, where three wildfires are burning including one of several thousands of acres. firefighters and aircrafts on the air and in the ground battled the second serious wildfire to threatened buildings in two days. officials urged hundreds of residents to get out of their homes. 6:07. the orioles celebrated father's day by taking on the padres in san diego. the os started looking pretty
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good scoring four runs in the first inning behind a bases loaded double but the padres caught up eventually winning 9-4. arietta got his first loss of the season. that brings us to mondays with larry. check out and click on sports. when you read "mondays with larry," in today's column, they outline how the orioles need a new manager now rather than the end of the season. 6:08. heat wave alert. air quality alert. code orange air quality today, 72 degrees. we've dipped bab in the past hour but this should be it. the sun is going to start doing its thing, we aim for 90s for the third day in a row. it looks like the entire week will be spent with afternoon temperatures in the 90s. more on the heat wave in a bit. 6:08. let's check the roads with kim.
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>> if you're still trying to access the northbound lanes of the jfx from president street it's still not happening, that remains closed between fayette street and north avenue. also police activity in east baltimore has an intersection closed and we're still dealing with the road closure from an overnight crash in manchester. more details in a bit. back to you. readers digest sweep stakes. why don't you just answer the phone readers digest? >> what scam artists are using to draw you in using a fake sweap -- sweep stakes. >> the tornado that leveled parts of montana this morning, incredible video to show you, just ahead. ♪
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probably take it pretty seriously. scammers know that. joce sterman tells us more about how they are using a higher power to help themselves to your money. >> reporter: winning a huge sweepstakes prize is a blessing some people pray for and some who got this letter assumed their prayers had been answered. >> the check appears to be coming from the archdiocese. >> reporter: a lottery gift granted by god or at least by the archdiocese of baltimore. or so it seemed. but this sweepstakes announcement that comes with a check from the church isn't financial salvation. the better business bureau says it's nothing more than a scam. >> absolutely it's shocking. it's the first time we've ever seen them be at that brazen. >> reporter: brazen enough to tell people they won a huge sweepstakes and claim the money they are fronting comes courtesy of the archdiocese of baltimore, a group more concerned with daily mass than mass sweepstakes mailings. >> they are definitely not in the business. these are counterfeit checks,
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appear to be mailed from canada. they are going to encourage people to wire money to canada. >> reporter: that's what you'll find out once you call the canadian numbers listed on their prize letter which also lists a popular magazine. >> my name is joce sterman, i'm calling with abc2 news from baltimore, maryland. we called too. they answered the phone by saying readers digest but as soon as i identified myself they hung up. i tried two more times. is this the readers digest sweepstakes? then why did you answer the phone readers digest? and got different answers from different people. i said, are you running a scam? everyone who answered said they had nothing to do with a sweepstakes and only said readers digest to mess with people who called their number. be wary before dialing those numbers. it's likely scammers hoping to take your faith in god all the way to the bank. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> angie says these letters were first spotted by the
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better business bureau all the way in minnesota. they probably won't pop up here and you might wonder why not. angie says scammers know sending fake checks from the archdiocese of baltimore to people in baltimore would raise too many questions likely to cut their scam short. this morning the big story today is the weather. it's so hot. i can't believe you ran a race over the weekend and you're still here. >> a lot of people ran it in the heat. >> i understand there were a lot of water stations. it's a cool course. >> it was. cool to start, hot at the finish. around the nation though big problems. we had fires in arizona. wait until you see this video from montana shot yesterday. getting a little bit too close for comfort. >> oh, my word. >> you heard it. oh, my word. this actually roared through downtown billings, montana yesterday afternoon, toured
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through businesses. you can see the video shows the debris underneath the funnel cloud actually tore through the sports complex as well. you can hear the noise that was made in addition to just the wind wrapping around that system. that is all debris that kicked up into that system and looks like it kicked down the camera lens as well. nothing like that around here though i will tell you though yesterday, on this particular date last year we were talking about tornadoes touching down in essex and dundalk in baltimore county. what a difference a year can make. we don't have severe weather here of that type but we have a different type of extreme, in terms of the heat. on this date 84 is what we would expect in baltimore, 21st of june, longest day of the year. 100 is the record today. we're not going for that but it will feel like it as we have full sun acting on our heat here. came up 5:41. goes down 8 smgd 36 this
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evening and we add pretty bad air quality today, code orange so please, unhealthy for sensitive groups, try to limit your outdoor activities especially this afternoon, we build up the pollutants in the air. 72 is our starting point in baltimore to 75 in philly, down to norfolk. we expect to have that full sun throughout the day though clouds from this system back west may start to bleed in across our sky in the afternoon but that system will hold off another day and a half until we have a threat of getting brief breaks from the heat. we'll watch that, our forecast model indicating by 3:00 tomorrow showers and storms into the maryland mountains. could reach us by the evening hour. just a brief break in the heat but we'll also add more humidity to the mix as we crank up the thermostat wednesday and thursday afternoon, into the mid and upper 90s. today 92 is our 2-degree guarantee. the air quality, code orange, please limit the outdoor activities especially for the pets and children. overnight low 70s downtown. them a sunny to partly cloudy day and big storms erupting
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possibly by the evening hours after a high of 92. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic starting to pick up just a little bit as people start to make their way out the door. if you're traveling down towards the dc area fortunately nothing to impede you as you head on the bw parkway. no problems on the 95 corridor as well between 695 and 495. traffic still looking good on the northwest side at old court road, picking up a little but still managing to move at a nice pace. on the southwest side traffic flowing freely at frederick road on the inner loop and outer loop. we're working two incidents in baltimore city. first, the thing in carroll county, manchester, route 30 remains closed in both directions at route 27 due to an overnight crash. that crash has been cleared but they have not reopened that intersection. they hope to reopen it soon. in baltimore city, northbound on the jfx an earlier accident at about 1:00 a.m. still has it closed. you can't even get it on it from president street from
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fayette and for the avenue. and police activity has the intersection at madison street closed at caroline street. if you're celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday. if you're having a birthday we would love to mention it on the air. just tell us about it. send us all the info, whoever it is celebrating a birthday. all the good details, name, age. give us a little time so we can get the picture prettied up. send it to a pastor is looked upon as a leader of a church but authorities in connecticut say they are looking at one pastor in another way. what a former priest is accused of taking. also, the vietnam memorial wall
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is more than just a name with -- names of 50,000 killed. how volunteers spent father's day. first, new york and business news. >> good morning, we begin your "moneyscope report" with stocks soaring after china said it would increase the flexibility of its currency. asian markets rose across the board this morning. many believe china sets the exchange rate artificially low giving exporters unfair advantage. though china insists the change will be slow any increase makes chinese exports more expensive helping overseas factories that have struggled to compete. china appears to be on the verming of overtaking the u.s. as the world's largest manufacturing nation. a report this morning predicts china will take over the top spot next year ending our 110-year run as number one. the oil spill in the gulf of mexico appears to be having a limited impact on the overall
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seafood industry. it's pushed up prices for shrimp and oysters from those waters but most of our seafood is imported which means we shouldn't see dramatic price increases. the biggest impact may be on oysters. "the wall street journal" reports 67% of our oyster supply does come from the gulf. toy story 3 was the story at the weekend box office. it took in $109 million in ticket sales, becoming only the third animated film to top $100 million in its first weekend. "the karate kid" was second and "a team" finished third. michael jackson has become a billion-dollar man since his death almost a year ago. the state has generated at least $1 billion in revenue. more than $400 million is from album sales and "this is it" was the most successful concert film of all type bringing in millions. cashing in on your credit card, the highest rewards, on
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i do want to say this because megan brought it up. congratulations to the nearly 4,000 people who completed the baltimore 10-miler saturday. i was with you. it was a hot morning. i'm going to be joining the fine folks back on my feet. we've actually had them here, an organization that goes running in the morning with homeless people to get them back and acclimated into society. i wish the weather was cooler. no, we're stuck with the heat.
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we had the weekend in the 90s. 95 yesterday , today, 92 under a mostly sunny sky. and temperature back in the lower 90s. maybe late-day thunderstorms. runners, be careful. keep it early in the morning because the heat holds on through the evening and notice the overnight temperatures are stuck in the lower 70s. we crank up the humidity and we'll have temperatures continuing with sultry weather wednesday and thursday and going into the weekend. hopefully less to talk about in the traffic. >> somewhat. fortunately you're not going to encounter too much now in the way of delays around the big roadways. drive times are all in the green, outer loop from bel air to providence, five minutes so far. 95 southbound starting to pick up a little, some volume, still only three minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. on the very top side of the outer loop between 83 and the jfx only one minute at this time. you can see traffic is looking pretty good, starting to build
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on 95 southbound, it's going to be a little more slow as you approach the beltway on down towards the split and the tunnels. still working a couple of incidents in baltimore city, still can't get on the jfx northbound from president street. more details on that in a bit. back to you. around the nation, authorities say a fire in a chicago subway injured 19 people and sent black smoke billowing from the grates along the city streets. the chicago transit authority says heavy smoke was reported late yesterday afternoon. city officials say that the fire left five people in pretty bad shape. right now there is no word on what caused that fire. a church community in waterbury, connecticut, is stunned over accusations a former priest may have stolen money from their church. former pastor kevin gray is at the center of the investigation into missing funds. the connecticut archdiocese requested a police investigation in may after a routine review uncovered there was missing money.
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father gray spent just over seven years as a pastor at the church and built up quite a following in and outside of that building. also in connecticut, look at this. incredible video after a van plowed into a laundromat. it smashed into it last week. you can see from the surveillance cameras the man had to jump out of the way from his laundry cart before it hits him. police say a woman from maine was on her cell phone talking and crashed into the laundromat. in dc some spent father's day washing the grim wall of the vietnam veterans memorial. sons, daughters, grandchildren, other relatives of those who died in the vietnam war gathered before dawn to remember their fallen relatives. the event was part of a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of a group called sons and daughters in touch. a support group for children of service members who died or who are classified as missing in action during the vietnam war.
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temperatures are supposed to be in the 90s again today in the baltimore area. with that comes child safety. the mistake up -- one woman made with her kids when the temperatures rose in north carolina. she's facing serious punishment. ♪ ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh
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